Petco: Will they be open for Easter Sunday in 2022?

2022-04-21 05:56:47 By : Mr. Todd Zhang

UKRAINE - 2022/01/31: In this photo illustration, the Petco logo is displayed on a smartphone screen and in the background. (Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Did you forget to stock up on your pup’s favorite treat for Easter weekend? Do you need to restock your dog’s favorite food? Then you may be wondering if Petco is open.

Considering Petco is so often open no matter what holiday it may be, it makes sense that we would be curious about their store hours on Easter Sunday.

And if you forgot to snag some treats and toys for your pup’s Easter basket, then you will really be looking for a place to go to make it up to them. With Target closed and even Publix and ALDI (some of our go-to stores) keeping their doors shut for the holiday, we know we will need to hit up a pet store for all of our pet needs.

So that means finding out if Petco is actually open on April 17.

So here’s the thing, everything we have found indicates that Petco will be closed on Easter Sunday. Both The Holiday Schedule and The Holiday Hours are reporting that Easter is one of the holidays where the pet store is closed. (Christmas is the only other holiday where Petco is absolutely closed, with Thanksgiving being a mixed bag as some stores open in the evening.)

With this information under our belt, it seems like we will have to find somewhere else to get our pet supplies from, at least if we have to head out on Easter Sunday. However, if you can wait, they will be back to their regular store hours on the Monday after the holiday.

We still recommend calling if you want to confirm that your closest Petco is in fact closed, but we are going with them being closed and finding somewhere else or waiting until Monday to get whatever our pup may need (or want).

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