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2021-11-12 09:30:56 By : Ms. Francis Zhang

NORTHUMBERLAND County, Pennsylvania-Zoe has been a member of the Zingara family since childhood.  

The five-year-old bulldog especially likes the children at home.

The owner of this dog, Brittany Shingara (Brittany Shingara) said: "She is such an excellent guard dog, she loves them as they love her."

But on Friday, everything changed.  

Brittany Zingara let her dog out as usual.  

The family lives in farmland outside Treverton.

"Before I had a chance to yell for them, I heard gunshots, and then I heard the barking of dogs," Zingara said.

Brittany drove to the end of the road and saw Zoe lying there.

"It looks like only her hind legs, so I thought maybe she couldn't walk anymore, she was already lying down. Then when I approached, I knew she had been shot in the back of the head," Zingara said.

Zoe was discovered on a private road owned by the Zingara family.  

Brittany said that this family pet is never aggressive and always plays with her children.  

Now she had to tell her children that their companions were no longer there.

"They feel unsafe in their homes now. They feel that their pets are not safe in their own homes, which is very tragic," Zingara said.

The state police are investigating the incident.  

If you have any information, please call State Police Stonington Barracks at 570-286-5601.

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