Animal Welfare Association brings dog toy safety awareness during holidays-Trenton

2021-12-13 18:07:07 By : Ms. Myra Wang

VOORHEES-Everyone in the year will get toys and gifts, even your best four-legged friend. There are many factors that affect the safety or risk of toys, including the size of the dog, the level of activity, and personal preference.

"The things that are usually the most attractive to dogs are often the most dangerous things," said Liz Stanley-Reicherter, Behavior Coordinator of the Animal Welfare Association (AWA).

When choosing toys for your dog this holiday, AWA provides the following tips for your attention.

The AWA behavior team recommends multiple types of toys to encourage a richer play time experience, so that pets are not so boring at home and satisfy their problem-solving instincts. The best activity toys include very hard rubber toys, "rope" toys and tennis balls. The best problem-solving toys are snacks, food puzzles, and snuff pads. The best comfort toys are stuffed toys, towels, blankets, or old T-shirts that are safe for dogs.

Owners can make full use of their dog's toys by rotating them every week, and provide a variety of toys to meet their different needs. Play hide and seek with toys, because "found toys" are more attractive now. Finally, one-on-one games with balls, frisbees, or other toys in your dog’s game can increase the intimacy time with your pet, release excess energy, and reduce wear and tear on toys due to boredom.

For more information about the AWA Pet Program, please visit or call 856-424-2288.

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