Aldi launches a gadget priced at £70, which will completely change the way you play with your dog-Wales Online

2021-11-16 20:04:52 By : Ms. Caroline Shen

Automatic tennis launcher, which means you can train your dog to play and fetch the ball on its own.

Aldi introduced a gadget for £70 that completely changed the way you play with your dog-some owners even train their dogs how to refill themselves so they can play on their own.

The Outpaws Maxi automatic ball launcher can throw a tennis ball into the air for the dog to pick up, and the button on the front of the device allows the owner to decide how far to throw it, choosing 3 meters, 7.5 meters or 12 meters.

There are three tennis balls in the box of the rechargeable machine, so your pet can start using it immediately, but it can be used with any other standard 6.5 cm diameter substitute-just in case any balls go astray.

Shoppers have been snapping up this machine since its launch, and critics have basically responded positively to it. Several critics have discussed training their dogs to reload the ball into the machine. Ian of Norfolk commented: "These two weeks have worked well. The dog can now put the ball in and play. Love it."

The gadget is part of Aldi’s latest pet event, which was launched in the store on Thursday but can now be ordered online. It also includes dog beds of various sizes from £8.99, memory foam mattresses from £12.99, and dog jackets with towels. From 6.99.

The ball launcher is an online-only product and the latest example of the so-called SpecialBuys of cheap supermarkets-a limited-time online exclusive deal that provides discounts on toys, gadgets, and household items that bargainers around the world love. This £90 heated clothes dryer and £80 wooden toy kitchen are popular on money-saving websites as a way to get quality products, but at a low price.