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2021-11-12 09:42:45 By : Ms. Joyce Lu

The WOW concept aims to bring dogs and people closer together

This is the Honda WOW concept car, which was unveiled at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. WOW stands for "wonderfully open-heart wagon", which means very Japanese. This concept car is designed to "bring people closer to their dogs" by cramming them into a small car for long-distance travel. Just what every dog ​​wants. 

The WOW concept is specifically designed for dogs-easy access, low wooden floors (presumably so you can hose the patient after vacation) and space for six people. Or four and one dog. The middle row of seats can be rearranged into a crate to push your dog in. Preferably a puppy, we are not sure how cheerful your St. Bernard will feel there. Honda considered everything-there is even an externally accessible storage box at the rear of the car to hang your dog toy.

He has it, doesn't he? Well, the storage box in front of the WOW concept is absolutely magnificent compared to anything you put the poor dog in there. The WOW design has a fairly large zippered compartment with mesh lining, so when the dog is isolated in front, it can still feel a part of the movement. Even better is the air conditioner hose, you can point directly at the poor hound's face and keep it cool. However, that dashboard is not only for dogs-look at the lovely wood trim and the minimalist feel on the front. 

Honda really takes everything into consideration here-this car also has a small pole extending along the length of the B-pillar, so you can connect the dog's leash as needed. Remember, it is not a substitute for seat belts. In addition, if you need to leave Fido outside for a while, and you need to go to the pet store to buy more snacks or anything else, there are lashing points on the bumper. Of course, you have to remember to untie his rope before setting off again.

Well, you are not very lucky, Honda has made a useful guide for you on different ways of arranging seats in the WOW concept. They include "four-person driving mode" and "six-person driving mode". Our favorite is the "four-person dog driving mode", although the dog obviously can't reach the pedal if it has to sit so far. 

We can talk about the crazy touch on the concept of WOW all day long. Just like the front end is clearly designed to look like a dog (related to recessed, neither of us), or how the raised part under the center of the roof is inspired by the spine of a dog. crawl. Or there is a few centimeters of glass at the bottom of the sliding side door so that the dog can see out of the window when the car is driving. 

The fascinating thing is that if you turn on the WOW concept, you may find many dogs on the treadmill that power the car. This is not particularly economical-more than 26 snacks per mile, but dog biscuits are a more environmentally friendly way to power cars. Honda actually thinks it will install some kind of four-cylinder engine on the front, but who really cares?

Dogs don't seem to have the purchasing power that Honda initially considered. Or maybe it's the cat people's opposition that makes them nervous about going forward? Whatever it is, Honda clearly missed a trick, and now many other automakers have joined the ranks. It started with Nissan’s X-Trail 4Dogs concept in 2017, which was not in production either (shhh), but clearly convinced companies such as Land Rover and Aston Martin that their buyers’ best friends needed advanced features. But Honda is really a pity-is there a car more suitable for dogs?

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